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2000-2015th BIRTHDAY!




Thanks !


In September  2000, the opening a new jazz club in the centre of Brussels seemed

to be quite the challenge of a dreamer… Fifteen years and 3500 concerts later, thanks to you, guests, members and musicians, we are still here, and well…!


Let’s keep it going together for another decade, and help to make the blue flame of jazz blow in the best surroundings possible : a genuine Jazz Club !


Paul Huygens, Romain, Etienne, Laetitia, Luc, Calvin, Lieven and all our dedicated service team.


Enjoying a 17th century location at the very heart of Brussels, only a few metres away from the legendary Grand’Place, the Music Village has opened its doors on the 1st of September 2000. With acoustics, sound system, lighting, stage, warm welcome, comfort, and food & drink that live up to the most prestigious clubs of New-York and London, the Music Village offers all music fans, listeners and musicians alike, a return to the Golden Age of international jazz clubs. On the live program (250 concerts a year), the best Belgian and international jazz musicians, who have adopted this cosmopolitan venue that does justice to its home in the Capital of Europe.




Rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat

1000 Brussels - BE

T : +32 513 13 45

E :


Graphic & Web Design : Mathieu Huygens

Pictures : Maxence Martens

Hall of Fame Pictures : Michel Binstok